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The Way You Weigh On My Heart

by Kavalier Calm

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This two-track single was written and recorded by Kavalier Calm at the Crowdsource Inspiration studio (bedroom) near Washington, DC. It can also be found on iTunes for downloads or Spotify for streaming.


released February 21, 2014




Kavalier Calm Washington, D.C.

Hi, my name’s KC. I write songs inspired by the things I see and people I meet on the internet. Contact me through my blog, and I’ll write a song just for you. About anything you like. Really. Don’t be shy; it’ll be fun, I swear.

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Track Name: The Way You Weigh On My Heart
The Way You Weigh On My Heart

You wish you were small,
you want a new shape,
but you should know
that I think you're great.
Was it the magazines
or the movies
that blinded you
to what I see?

And I beg you don't disappear, don't fade away.
I'll take every ounce of you and say:
You're beautiful just the way you are,
and I like the way you weigh on my heart.

Your body is a temple
where I love to pray.
Please don't take
my new-found faith.
And I'm sorry you got
seven years bad luck.
Your mirror must be broken
if you think you aren't enough.
Track Name: Weak

Well, you don’t see what I see
when you look in the mirror.
Beauty comes so easy to you,
you think it can’t be true,
but you make me weak at the knees.
You make me weak.

I am sand on the shore of your grace,
and I want you to make a castle out of me.
Shape me as you please, oh as you will;
just let me feel your hands.
You make me weak at the knees.
You make me weak.