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For Ellise

by Kavalier Calm

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This EP of dreamy, acoustic songs is for the muse that inspired it, Ellise, at:


released December 13, 2013




Kavalier Calm Washington, D.C.

Hi, my name’s KC. I write songs inspired by the things I see and people I meet on the internet. Contact me through my blog, and I’ll write a song just for you. About anything you like. Really. Don’t be shy; it’ll be fun, I swear.

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Track Name: Why I Was Given Sight
Why I Was Given Sight

I've walked the halls of The Louvre
and seen starry skies and ones so blue.
I've been a body entangled in sheets
and seen all seven seas.

And I've never seen anything like you.
When I say you're beautiful, know it's true.
You are why I was given sight.

Before I met you, if I had to choose
between deaf or blind, I would've lost my eyes.
But the music of your shape
is a symphony.

When I say, "You're beautiful,"
don't ask, "What do you know?"
I think my résumé shows
I know what beauty is.
Track Name: Pimp

You control my soul
just like a pimp controls a hoe.
I'll bring money home or limitless love,
just tell me, boss, when enough is enough
'cause I want to serve your every need;
you're clever as the devil but twice as pretty.

I know I sold my pride,
but that is my right.
I can choose who to give myself to,
and I choose you.

What's a body but a vessel?
Oh, won't you climb aboard?
Darlin', you can use me
like the waves use the shore.
Leave me bloody and bruised;
feel free to beat, beat on me.
Track Name: Lonely Ideas
Lonely Ideas

Well, you're l-o-n-e-l-y,
and it's funny 'cause so am I.
And I have this i-d-e-a
that you and I can start a flame.

But you don't mind the wait.

So I try to spell it out for you:
lonely ideas will see us through.
Time is short, time is brief,
won't y-o-u be with m-e?

Well, you're l-o-n-e-l-y,
even though I'm right by your side.
And I have this i-d-e-a
that you might feel the same.
Track Name: Für Elise
Für Elise

When I listen to "Für Elise",
I wonder if I'd rather be Beethoven, her,
or the piano keys.
All this talk of Master and Muse--
it's like praising an explosion, the bombmaker,
but not the fuse.
Think what life would be without vibrating waves,
without heartbeats, without music,
without a way
to translate.