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Teen Lust

by Kavalier Calm

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An album of minimalistic songs about complicated love.


released June 4, 2013




Kavalier Calm Washington, D.C.

Hi, my name’s KC. I write songs inspired by the things I see and people I meet on the internet. Contact me through my blog, and I’ll write a song just for you. About anything you like. Really. Don’t be shy; it’ll be fun, I swear.

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Track Name: The Rhythm of Love
The Rhythm of Love

Can you feel it?
Can you feel it in your chest?
That slow plodding along,
regular and forgotten?
You're in a rut.
You're collecting dust.
Your heart is bored,
lonely, and dull--
waiting for a new rhythm,
the rhythm of love.
Track Name: Teen Lust
Teen Lust

We met about an hour ago.
I bumped into you on the dance floor.
From the start, I liked the way you move:
careless, wild, and free.

Teen lust, I know you don't want love,
and that's alright by me.
Just give me tonight, give me 'til dawn,
to feel careless, wild, and free.

Did you know how fast a flame grows?
Dancing with you turns up the heat.
I like the way you sound when you sing
careless, wild, and free.
Track Name: Last Minute Love
Last Minute Love

Most think love is preordained.
Planned, just-so, and awfully plain.
But ours is a last minute love.
I like to dance with you in the rain,
wake you in the dead of night and pick your brain
'cause ours is a last minute love.

And others say our flightyness cannot last,
but I refuse to be grounded.
No, I will not tame our last minute love.

Most think love is like a movie:
you meet, you date, you marry, then comes baby.
But ours is a last minute love.
Let's call in sick, never leave the bed.
Let's go to Vegas, put it all on red
'cause ours is a last minute love.
Track Name: Enough

Baby girl, you are just what I want.
Don't worry now I'm not asking for much.
Just give me all of your time and love,
and in return, I'll give you enough--
enough to satisfy your needs.

Finding you was like finding gold in a mine.
My life was dark and lonely before your light.
Let me wear you like a jewel up above,

I bet you have a dark and deep soul,
just like your eyes, your two windows.
Let me speak to your heart's gentle hush,
Track Name: The Way You Weigh On My Heart
The Way You Weigh On My Heart

You wish you were small,
you want a new shape,
but you should know
that I think you're great.
Was it the magazines
or the movies
that blinded you
to what I see?

And I beg you don't disappear, don't fade away.
I'll take every ounce of you and say:
You're beautiful just the way you are,
and I like the way you weigh on my heart.

Your body is a temple
where I love to pray.
Please don't take
my new-found faith.
And I'm sorry you got
seven years bad luck.
Your mirror must be broken
if you think you aren't enough.
Track Name: Favorite Confection
Favorite Confection

We could talk, talk, talk for hours
and not notice the passing time.
And I want you to know that you are my
favorite confection.

You’re like a big bowl of dulce de leche:
waves of blonde hair like sweet milk.
And, darlin’, those brown eyes warm me up
like caramel.

Maybe you’re more of a vodka cupcake:
good and sweet with an edgy side.
And your alcohol don’t bake off; it makes me
drunk inside.

Darlin’, you’re as sweet as can be.
You are my dull life’s icing.
And if I have my cake and eat it, too,
then you should know that you are my
favorite confection.
Track Name: Manda

Manda, those big brown eyes
turn me to mush inside.
I am clay in your hands;
your wish is my command.

And I thought my defenses were high,
that I wouldn’t let you inside.
But my walls came tumbling down
as soon as I saw those eyes of brown.

Manda, do you know the power you hold?
I went from not for sale to sold.
I turn to jelly and my knees go weak
when you lay those eyes on me.
Track Name: Sink or Swim
Sink or Swim

Well, you've got your chin low
'cause you don't know
what the future has in store.
But don't let that get you down,
just live with me
in the here and now.

'Cause sink or swim, I am in--
'cause I'm in love with you.

You want a guarantee
that this life of ours
will be easy.
And I don't know what the future holds,
but I know it'll be bright
with you by my side.
Track Name: Smart Song
Smart Song

I never was a bright boy:
a few of my screws are loose.
I failed my math class,
but you and I make two.

And I know, oh, I know
the smartest thing I've ever done
is fall in love with you.

I'm no good at puzzles;
all the pieces look the same.
But you fit right in my arms
like it was our fate.

I don't understand politics,
and I don't understand war.
But if my vote's worth anything,
I'd say you're worth fighting for.
Track Name: Feelings Like This
Feelings Like This

He's the boy of every girl's dreams:
you can take him home to mom; you can take him in your sheets.
She's beautiful in a small and shy way:
she's realer than the rest, not another bitch, Barbie.

They've been friends for far too long.
Love's come upon them like sleep: slow, then all at once.
They believe they control their feelings;
but feelings like this, they control you.

They try and play dumb, but they can feel the change.
They deny it to their friends, say things are still the same.
But how about that first kiss? And the second one, too?
Is that something "just friends" do?

His mind flip flops like a fish on land,
and she's too scared to put the truth in his hands.
They go back and forth between a laugh and a fight;
they won't admit that this happiness is right.