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by Kavalier Calm

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#LOVE ("Hashtag Love" or "Pound Love") is an album of original love songs written by Kavalier Calm in response to what he saw, heard, and felt while exploring the Tumblrverse or communicating with other bloggers.


released November 14, 2012

Each song on #LOVE was written and recorded by Kavalier Calm at the Crowdsource Inspiration studio. Inspiration credits can be found here:




Kavalier Calm Washington, D.C.

Hi, my name’s KC. I write songs inspired by the things I see and people I meet on the internet. Contact me through my blog, and I’ll write a song just for you. About anything you like. Really. Don’t be shy; it’ll be fun, I swear.

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Track Name: Spellbook
Well, her name is Autumn, and she is my spring:
I flower and blossom when she is near me.
She has a child’s laugh and lips like a sunset—
a face, a voice, a smile, I’ll never forget.

Oh, Autumn, I wish I had a spellbook.

‘Cause I could bring you roses or write you a poem,
but words are cheap, and you’ve heard all of them.
I want to bend your will with a magic touch—
put you under my spell, and you’ll never have enough…

When she ain’t around, I wish I was asleep
‘cause I am sure she’ll be in my dreams.
Take me from this land of light.
A little black magic will make this right.
Track Name: The Valentine's Song
Few men have loved a woman as I’ve loved you
because too few men have loved a woman at all.

Love is a way when you are lost.
Love is a map and a compass.
And I’m grateful every day
that you found me.

Love is a song when you are deaf.
Love is a new ear that needs no rest.
And I’m grateful every day
that you taught me this tune.
Track Name: I'm Not The First Boy To Love A Girl
I write you poems every day,
and I bring you flowers in a vase.
But you say I’m such a bore;
you want a love you ain’t ever seen before.

I’m not the first boy to love a girl;
there’s only so much I can do.
I’m not the first boy to love a girl;
I’m just the first one to love you.

I make you dinner and buy us tickets to a show,
and I’m interested in everything you know.
But every time I dare smile, you yawn;
you want a love you ain’t heard in any song.

Who are you to demand something new?
There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.
There’s a model for good loving;
you just need to try and feel.
Track Name: Promises
I gave you a bouquet of silk flowers
and swore we’d stay together until the last one dies.
I promised to call you to say goodnight;
I swore I’d never tell a lie.

Promises, promises are how we hide,
how we hide behind our doubts.

I promised I’d stop hurting myself,
just so I could promise you I’d take care of you.
I promised to always kiss you like it was our last
‘cause I knew it could be true.

I swore to make you breakfast every day you woke up next to me,
and I swore to shave every day of the week.
I promised to turn myself into the man you like;
I promised to bring your dreams to life.
Track Name: She Suffers
I know a girl, a rose, a petal fallen from grace.
And the moonlight sighs as she suffers fate.

Handsome gentlemen make her weak.
She thinks all their flowers pretty.
And when she is mine, I try to find
her innocence and her crime
because she suffers,
because she suffers fate.

And all the shades of gray, and all the talk of right and wrong,
help me draw the fault line between the world and us.
And we keep on spinning, loop into the madness,
but there’s no cure in the medicine cabinet
Track Name: Bring Me To My Knees
When my eyes met yours, we held a steady gaze.
I couldn’t believe there stood the answer to my wait.
They were dark, brown, inviting me in even though I never learned to swim.
And I drowned, drowned, drowned in your look.

Darlin’, you should know that you make me weak.
Yes, you bring me to my knees.

Your hair was a mess, like the wind acted rough;
I’m sure when it touched you, it wouldn’t give you up.
Wild, wild, wild thing, you will not be tamed.
But I fell captive to your look.

Every time you moved, I felt a rhythm in my feet.
One smile was one too much when I tried to beat
the rush, rushing to my head,
waking up a part of me I thought was dead.
Track Name: Lightning Bolt
I struck like a lightning bolt, a one in a million,
and you won’t get another shot at love like mine again.
You were blind to what I served on a silver platter.
And now I don’t care if you find happily ever after.

You let your good fortune slip away,
and I can see the regret on your face.

The over-under on love is a small .5.
You scored once, but you won’t score twice.
The odds were long that you’d ever find one like me;
it don’t matter that your sorry—Lady Luck don’t pity.

The love in fairy tales may not be real,
but I offered something damn close in my deal.
You walked past the crown of roses I laid at your feet,
and now you want to reclaim my throne’s seat.
Track Name: Maze
We met so young,
I don’t remember what it means to feel alone.
We were both so lost
when we found each other in this maze.
Our friends always ask:
aren’t you afraid you settled too soon?
My only fear is that I might live
longer than you.

‘Cause I am strong—
there is no doubt.
But me has been we for so long,
I don’t know who I’d be on my own.

We’re still lost in that labyrinth,
dazed and confused.
Misery loves company
as much as I love you.
As long as we’re together,
I can be lost in here forever.
My only fear is that I might live
longer than you.

My only fear is that I might live
longer than you.
Track Name: Always
I’ve made you laugh harder
than you thought you ever could.
And my shoulder’s soaked up enough tears
to fill a swimming pool.

The time has come for you to say always.

Well, I give you gifts and kisses
when you least expect them
‘cause I love the look on your face
when you’re surprised.

I know all of your fears,
and I won’t let them get you down.
You will never have to be alone
if you just say one word.

The time has come for you to say always.
‘Cause I will love you each and every day.
Yes, I will love you always.
Track Name: Cinderella
When the clock struck midnight, you ran out the door.
You were in such a hurry, you left your coat at the bar.
It wasn’t ‘til then I realized you came alone,
and the key to finding you might be that coat.

Oh, Cinderella, I can be your fella,
I can be your man.
We can run away together, my queen,
just take my hand.

Well, we danced for hours, and I bought you a drink,
and you told me you were paying your way,
living as a maid with the ungrateful and rich,
and you have an itch to just run away.

I remember your laugh, and I remember your walk,
but I don’t remember where you said you’re from.
So I’m gonna take your coat to every big house in town,
and ask for the girl that cleans the rooms.
Track Name: The Gift
You’ve got the gift,
the gift of happiness.
And it’s contagious,
and I’m catching your sickness,
your joy that makes my darkest hours bright.
And I might be falling for you
and your gift.

You’ve spent your whole life in your head,
that warm place where you dream.
Your wild imagination needs an anchor,
let it be me.
‘Cause you may not see, but you are alone,
and I could give you the gift of love.