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I Will Not Let The Miles Defeat Our Smiles

by Kavalier Calm

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I Will Not Let The Miles Defeat Our Smiles

Do you remember the day we met?
Amidst a costume crusade?
We talked for hours about nothing;
we met thanks to fate.

And now we wait.
But I know we can be strong.
Like all the heroes at that con.

The next day I followed you around
in silent awe.
I was afraid I might just be
a cosplay prop.
But when you helped me buy Leeroy the plush,
I thought this might be love.
We have a super power of our own--
to survive distance with a phone--
and I will not let the miles
defeat our smiles.


released 20 April 2014




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Kavalier Calm Washington, D.C.

Hi, my name’s KC. I write songs inspired by the things I see and people I meet on the internet. Contact me through my blog, and I’ll write a song just for you. About anything you like. Really. Don’t be shy; it’ll be fun, I swear.

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